Windows and doors

Smart BOX uses three special profile for opening fills, which gives the customer an opportunity to choose the best option desired, considering the house interior and exterior environment, as well as price.

  • PVC profile (as a standard)
  • Aluminum profile
  • Wood aluminum profile

Fenster – PVC profile

Over the last decade, windows made of PVC profile have gained popularity.

PVC profile benefits are its longevity, maintenance and cost efficiency. PVC profile is truly durable and meets very high standards.

Kömmerling 88 system is premium technology, yet affordable for everyone.

Top class heat resistance makes Kömmerling 88 as a standard option for a passive house.

Exceptional figures on heat resistance: Uf-value = 0,95 W/(m2K) Uw-value up to 0,72 W/(m2K).

Exceptional noise protection thanks to high-end functional glasses.

Exceptional protection against burglary. Perfectly prepared accessories and measures against burglary.

Three density levels and innovative roller gasket will effectively hold against wind, dust and rain with optimal heat resistance.

To provide a pleasant environment for living, the Kömmerling 88 is equipped with an optimal ventilation program.

Thanks to long-lasting quality and environmentally friendly synthetic materials, the property will hold value for many years to come.

Higher class design. Thin and straight line with wide variety of colors. Profiles extends to universal, metal, wood and aluminum.

Fenster – aluiminum profile

The advantages of modern aluminum windows are flat and smooth surface, clear geometrical form, fireproof, good surface finish options, good sound and heat resistance. When choosing aluminum, you choose a life without problems, because aluminum is one of the most durable materials used in construction, which needs less maintenance and provides security.

Viking Window  – wood-aluminum profile

Viking Window is Estonian window manufacturer whose main product is windows openable to the outside, specific to Nordic countries. These wood and wood-aluminum windows are energy efficient and climate-proof with 2-3 layered insulating glass.

The advantages of Viking Window are its uncompromising quality and wide variety of colors, dimensions and design solutions.

SW14 wood-aluminum passive window is the first of its kind window openable to the outside. It is developed in Estonia and is certified by Passive House Institute at Germany. This window has 3 layered insulating glass and 3 frame gasket construction which lower heat resistance to a minimum.

SW14 passive window is: 

  • Especially designed regarding Nordic climate conditions. Window’s three-layered seals ensure frame-to-frame gap to be warm and support condensation resistance.
  • In 3-layered, 50 mm wide, insulating glass the two selective glasses are used (Planitherm Ultra N or Planitherm ONE), including argon padding and warm edge trim (SGG Swisspacer Ultimate). Sunscreen is also available (for example SKN174)
  • Aluminum coating adds durability to the wood window
  • Closure points around the frame make the window secure
  • All products come with a 5-year warranty

Inner doors

For inner doors we use doors from recognized door manufacturer Jeld-Wen.

Stable ADVANCED LINE massive smooth doors are high-end doors with reinforced stuffing, which are suitable for use in homes and in public places.

Paint coated doors are available in all colors of the NCS color card. The veneer selection includes both vertical and horizontal oak veneer.

Sauna glass wall

For in-house saunas, we use glass solutions which have gained in popularity.

Glass walls help create pleasant atmosphere and mood while also providing good lightning for more spacious feel.

For glass solutions we use high-quality furniture with 8mm thick tempered safety glass that is durable and has beautiful design.