Construction technology


In designing the houses, the best construction technology and materials are used. This assures the house an “A” energy class which can also be named as an “A+” house or “plus house”.


Smart BOX has partners in Finland, Sweden and Norway who have all the necessary licences for erecting the houses and connecting them with technical networks. All Smart BOX houses are manufactured in corresponds to target country’s local norms (electricity, plumbing, tiling, hydro isolation).

Ecological balance

Smart BOX uses construction technology that has minimal environmental impact because of efficient production, lightweight materials and re-usability of materials.

Energy efficient

Strong and air-tight energy panels used on the house increase energy efficiency and decrease carbon footprint by low energy demands provided by modern technology.

  • High-precision and effective insulation technology is used, this is rarely seen in the industry giving Smart BOX a great advantage over others.
  • Thin and well-insulated walls give more interior space for the houses.
  • To ensure optimal performance we organize air tightness tests and take heat photos for all our completed houses in our factory.

Load-bearing construction

Construction of the houses are made of metal, which assures safe transportation, installation and reuse.


For insulation we use heat panels from recognized Finnish manufacturer Ruukki PIR. These heat panels are dust-free and air-tight.

Ruukki energy panel system enables to save heating costs up to 20%, because of the low U-value of these panels.

Heating panels on exterior walls have minimal thickness which adds approximately 10% more useful interior space.

The whole exterior wall is homogeneous (no carcass) and without cold bridges.

PIR-insulation features and benefits:

  • Air-tight and moisture-proof construction
  • No need for vapor-, air- or wind barriers
  • Because of efficient insulation the floor area is significantly larger
  • Because of efficient insulation the house can be used with the same technological systems either in -45°C or +45°C temperature climate
  • Easy to install and repair
  • Easy to process into desired dimensions

Inner climate

The inner climate in our houses is designed for comfort and well-being. We have developed optimal solutions for health and economic-efficiency.


All of the materials that are used in the buildings are chosen based on a health perspective, which means that the house is well-suited for those with allergies.

Our houses are very air-tight and indoor environment is completely adjustable. The houses are long-lasting and secured from humidity and molding.

No polluting materials are used, such as foam- or sawdust products.

Nibe ventilation system also cleans the incoming air to the house.

All materials used are healthy and suitable also for those with allergies.

Fire safety

Smart BOX construction technology is fireproof. The insulating materials are non-flammable.

The houses are manufactured corresponding to target market of distribution (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia) local safety norms and equipped with fire safety alarm systems.


For roofing we use materials from recognized manufacturers such as Proton from Norway and Ruukki, manufactured in Finland.


The Proton’s roofing materials have long been proven themselves in harsh Nordic climate for over 40 years.


Ruukki first class steel roofs have been protecting homes for over 50 years. There is no equivalent to Ruukki’s durability and quality. Ruukki’s wide variety of options, from style to color, provide perfect solution for every home. Be it modern, traditional or something else.


For house terrace we use thermal pine from Thermory as recognized manufacturer of thermal wood.

The thermal pine from Thermory represents a traditional Nordic style.

Thermory’s high durable wood is achieved by chemical-free woodworking where only temperature and water vapor is used.

The thermal wood consists of no chemicals or plastics.

Thermory’s profile D45J belongs to PaCS® collection. This creates visually appealing screwless terrace area – planks are attached to each other simply by pressing them together.

PaCS® solution guarantees beautiful and durable terrace with minimal installation effort.