General information

General information

Smart Loft is a versatile and compact small home designed for living, leisure, or renting purposes.

It can also serve as additional rental space for hotels, eco-offices, schools, music studios, business spaces, cafes, or home gyms.

The building is equipped with integrated furniture, appliances, and plumbing, and its in-house technical systems are already connected at the factory. By connecting it to the technical systems of the external network on the plot, the house is immediately ready for use.

Smart Loft is a modern and minimalist luxury that fulfils all the needs of comfortable living in a space-saving home. The load-bearing structure of the building is made of metal, allowing for easy relocation of the house as needed.

It is manufactured in the factory as a turnkey module and designed using the best construction technologies and materials, ensuring a low energy class.

The materials used in the building are of high quality and meet all EU and Finnish building standards.

The building is transported to the plot by trailer as a one-piece module.