Heating, cooling, ventilation

Air-source heat pump

We use the energy-efficient A+++ air heat pump from Mitsubishi Electric, the MSZ-LN25, for heating and cooling our building. This highly efficient pump can operate at temperatures as low as -35 degrees Celsius and can heat an area of up to 80 square meters as the primary heater.

Not only is the pump efficient, but it also has the ability to heat or cool as needed, ensuring a comfortable indoor climate.

Additionally, the air heat pump features advanced technology such as the I-SEE sensor, Night Mode, and Wi-Fi connectivity. This makes the pump a truly smart air conditioner, allowing for easy monitoring and control via the MEL Cloud Internet app, even when away from home.

Adjustable heating level

The air heat pump can be adjusted to an energy-efficient heating level starting at +10 °C and can be adjusted in increments up to +31 °C.

The intelligent control of the air heat pump and air conditioning device allows for the ideal indoor temperature to be set regardless of time and location and saves on heating costs.

  • Compatible with the home WiFi network and provides free smartphone application for complete control of the air-source heat pump.
  • Allows for the air-source heat pump to be switched to a low heating mode of 5-15 °C in the winter, saving energy and protecting pipes from freezing.
  • Protects the home from damage by alerting when the indoor temperature or humidity level is too high or low.

I-SEE sensor

The air heat pump is equipped with an I-SEE infrared sensor that ensures no area in the room remains unheated. The sensor detects the location of individuals in the room and adjusts the temperature accordingly. The device continuously monitors the room, records all movements and temperatures, and determines where people spend the most time. It then directs warm or cool air to where it is most needed.

Plasma Quad filter system

In addition to its excellent heating properties, the air heat pump also cleans the room air with its Plasma Quad filter system. This filter effectively eliminates viruses, allergens, dust, mold, bacteria, and other unwanted particles. The Plasma Quad filter removes 94-99% of unwanted airborne particles, neutralizing allergens, viral particles, and bacteria while purifying the air from dust.

Device control via remote control

The device is also easy to control through the use of a remote control. Many of the device’s comfort features can be easily controlled with the remote control, and all information is easy to read on a large screen.

Electrical underfloor heating

The hallway and shower room/WC of the house have been equipped with energy-efficient electric underfloor heating. This heating is controlled by the DEVIreg™ Smart WiFi underfloor heating thermostat.

The DEVIreg™ Smart is an easy-to-use programmable thermostat with a timer that can be controlled remotely using Wi-Fi and the DEVIreg™

Smart App on your phone or computer from anywhere in the world at any time. The thermostat also has an open window function and an energy-saving program that includes optimal heating start/end control. This ensures that the desired temperature is reached exactly at the set time, thereby saving on heating costs.


In our building, we utilize the reputable Mitsubishi Electric VL-100 ventilation system to ensure efficient and high-quality air exchange in rooms with closed windows.

This system boasts an impressive energy efficiency and heat recovery efficiency of up to 85%, and operates with minimal noise disturbance. Its reliability and long service life allow for consistent ventilation without loss of heat.