Exterior Finishing Materials

Exterior Finishing Materials

The building is equipped with the necessary external finishing materials as specified in the Delivery Specification. These materials can be altered at the request of the customer. Both the colors and materials used for exterior decoration are customizable.

Building Wooden Cladding Board

The fine-sawn 21mm cladding board is made from carefully selected spruce wood with a moisture content of 16% +/- 2%. The board is designed for outdoor use. Longitudinal grooves are made on the backs of the cladding boards, with a thickness of 1/4 the thickness of the board. These grooves reduce any changes in shape due to internal wood stresses.

The final finish of the lining board is composed of three layers of paint: one layer of primer and two layers of surface paint. Primed boards have primary protection against weather conditions and a suitable surface layer is created for successful adhesion of the surface paint. Teknol 1881, a water-based alkyd primer from Teknos, is used for priming. It also contains anti-mould and anti-fungal agents, and covers the board on all sides to ensure maximum durability and protection.

Teknos Nordica EKO water-based exterior paint with an acrylate binder has been used for painting.


We utilize roofing material from the reputable Norwegian manufacturer, Proton, on the flat roof of the building.

This material has been utilized for nearly 40 years in the challenging conditions of the Nordic countries. The roofing material is highly elastic and UV-resistant, able to withstand extremely low temperatures.

Additionally, it is breathable, lightweight and incredibly strong and durable.


As a terrace material, we use thermal pine boards from the reputable thermal wood manufacturer, Thermory. The thermal pine board represents the traditional Nordic nature in Thermory’s range of terrace boards.

The high durability class of Thermory Wood is achieved through chemical-free wood treatment, which is done through the influence of temperature and water vapor. This means that there are no chemicals or plastics present in thermal wood.

The Thermory profile D45J is part of the PaCS® collection, which creates a beautiful and screw-free terrace surface in a simple and efficient manner – the boards are attached to clamps with just a slight push.

The PaCS® solution guarantees a beautiful and durable terrace with minimal installation time.