Electrical and security system


General lighting is pre-installed in every house (in corridor, lobby, bathroom, sauna, kitchen, bedroom).

We use European made LED lights which are integrated to walls and ceilings. All the client has to do is to choose the suitable accent for the lights that fits with the interior design. Choosing the best accent for lights, our partners in lightning can provide expert advice if desired.

Connectors and switches

We use Schneider, Berker, and ABB products for connectors and switches.

Security system

As a house security system we use PARADOX solutions, the level of complexity can be chosen by the client. Standard solutions include keypad, magnetic door and window contacts and motion detectors. Smoke detectors are immediately integrated into the alarm system. In addition, it is possible to install security cameras, which are also discussed with the customer to cover the specific needs. It is also possible to control the entire alarm by means of a mobile app. It can also be connected to a smart house system.