General information

The best construction technology and materials are used in designing the houses. This assures the house an “A” energy class which can also be named as an “A+” house or “plus house”.

All the passive house requirements are followed during design. It is therefore it is possible to apply the passive house certificate for the building.

Compliance with certification requirements means that the house is energy efficient, air-tight, well-insulated and of high-quality construction.

The constructions of the house are made of metal. This ensures secure transportation, installation and re-use of the house (can be disassembled and reassembled in other location).

The houses are equipped with furniture, home appliances. All in-building technical systems are already pre-connected in the factory in such a way that when installing on site, connecting the house with other external networks, is both simple and immediate.

The houses are built following international disability requirements, so that the house can also be used by persons with mobility requirements such as a wheelchair.

All materials used in manufacturing are high-quality and meet strict EU construction standards.