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Smart BOX uses three different solutions for facade cladding materials. This gives the customer a chance to choose the best option regarding the house interior and exterior environment, as well as price.

  • Cement fiber facade plate
  • Wooden painted lining
  • Heat-treated wood lining boards

StoneREX Palette cement fiber boards www.stonerex.ee

StoneREX facade panels ensure energy efficiency, good ventilation and prevent molding and humidity. StoneRex facade panels are much lighter than panels based on cast concrete or cement fiber. Therefore, these facade panels are especially suitable in places where the weight of the material is important. Panels are maintenance-free and durable.

StoneREX Palette cement fiber boards are mass painted and meant to cover exterior facade where ventilated facade solutions are used, this also applies to interior wall- and ceiling coverings.

Thanks to incredible mechanical features, these fiber boards are excellent choice for creating durable, high-quality and elegant solutions. A wide variety of colors and surface treatment options will satisfy even the most demanding client, providing inspiration for designers. The boards are double pressed, autoclaved and mass-painted, available in 12 different colors and surface treatments. Manufacturing technology, quality of the boards and their visually appealing appearance makes them an excellent choice for building all sorts of houses.

Wooden painted lining www.puumarket.ee

Finely sawn, 21mm wide, exterior linings are made from hand-picked fir tree with moisture content of 16%+/-2%. These linings are meant for exterior use. A longitudinal groove, ¼ width of the board, is cut backside to the board for releasing tension and preventing it from deforming.

The finish of the linings consists of three layers of paint: one coat of primer, two coats of surface paint. Primed linings provide primary protection for weather conditions and ….
In priming the Teknol 1881 color-based alkyd prime paint is used from Teknose. Teknol 1881 also consists of protective elements from molding. The whole board in every side is covered with the paint for maximum duration and protection.

For painting the Teknos Nordica EKO waterborne acrylate binder exterior paint is used, which provides exceptional weatherproof qualities.

Heat-treated wood lining boards www.thermory.com

Heat-treated wooden lining boards are durable, stable (after installation, even the longest boards never bend) and with outstanding appearance. This durability and stability is achieved by removal of the humidity, acidity and bacteria from the wood.

Heat-treated wood never molds or rots and maintains structural integrity.

Compared with untreated wood, the heat-treated wood lining boards barely bend and lose their integrity, facade surface still looks as freshly installed even after many years.