Tekninen informaatio


The house Ljusterö is designed to swedish people and is built in the factory according to the buildings norms and attefallshus regulation.

General information

  • Bruto area: 25 m2
  • Neto area: 27,6 m2 (1floor 19,1m2; 2floor 8,5m2)
  • Terrace area: 28,3 m2
  • Livingroom and kitchen: 11,2 m2
  • Bedroom: 4,0 m2
  • Bathroom: 3,9 m2
  • Loft: 8,5 m2

Specifications in standard house

  • Building construction – wooden frame structure, metal beam and laminated timber
  • Insulation – Rockwool (λ=0,034): walls 175 mm, floor 220 mm, roof 200 mm
  • Windows – PVC windows, triple glass with U value 0,7
  • Facade – painted wooden cladding
  • Roof – metal roof, 28 degrees
  • Ventialtion – quiet bathroom ventilation fan with moisture control system, ventilation in bedroom and livingroom
  • Heating – air to air heat pump
  • Water – water system Uponor , on the wall system
  • Interior finishing – walls painted wooden cladding, furniture walls with laminated MDF, floors covered with laminated parquet
  • Furniture – kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture
  • Sanitary – sinks, toilet, taps, shower cabin
  • Lights – LED ceiling lights, IP44 lights in bathroom
  • Fire alarm – fire alarm with battery

Energy calculating

According to the energy calculation the house has … It will change according to the location of the plot.

House documentation

We will send you all the drawings and plans of the house for a fee 9300 SEK, which will be deducted from the first payment. Documents are needed to deliver to the Kommuna in order to get the approval for the house installations

  • Track plan
  • Foundation plan
  • Lifting plan
  • Electricity plan
  • Sewerage and pipes plan
  • Installation plan of terrace
  • Energy calculation
  • Confirmation letter for pipes and electricity

Installation and services

Application Service: You will receive the house documentation from us which you need to send to the local govenment office. The approval process takes time maximum of two months.

Preparation of communications: We can help you to arrange it or you can ask for the local suppliers who are certified to do this work.

Foundation: Depending on the ground, you have multiple choices. If the ground is more solid we recommend to prepare the post (concrete) foundation. If the ground is more rocky you can plan the screw foundation. If the ground is sandy, the house can only stand on the blocks. We can help you to prepare the foundation. It will only take one day to build the foundation.

Transportation: We deliver the house on your plot the date we have agreed in advance. The house will be transported by escorted special transport. It is important that there are no obstacles on the street when the house arrives. The truck with the house is 4,2 m wide. Lifting of the house can be made directly from the truck by the crane. If there is not enough space for the truck, the house will be lifted from the big truck to the smaller truck, which has a crane on it.

Installation: You can organize the installation of the house by your own or you can order the services from us. When the house arrives there should be a crane for lifting the house and terrace. There should be three people who can help lifting the house to the foundation The process takes about an hour.

Why Ljusterö?

Our house is well insulated and can be used for living throughout the year. We also offer air heatpump and floor heating as an extra heating. We deliver the house together with 6 terrace elements, which are easy to install. The house is built in high quality standards – you get more for less.

We are felxible to your needs and able to customize the specifications. We offer full solution – from preparation of foundation and communications until installation of the house with terrace. We deliver the house within 7 weeks.

Our customers are satisfied – we offer only best quality!

Where to start?

Step one: Make sure that according to attefallshus regulation there is no obstacles in getting the approval of your house. You can consult aslo to the officer in your local government office.

Step two: Send us an e-mail and ask for the specification sheet and price offer. Or write us a letter on contact page by filling in the form and sending it to us.

Step three: If you would like to see the show-house first, contact us and we will appoint a visit to the show-house.

Step four: If you need full service (including preparation, foundation and installation) from us, please contact our swedish project manager.

Step five: Ask for the house documentation from us, which you need to send to the local government for the approval. We will charge 9300 SEK. Which will be deducated from the first pre-payment. It will confirm maximun 7 weeks delivery time for your house.

Step six: Confirm the order and we will confirm the sepcifications for your house.

Step seven: We will send you the agreement to sign. Together with the agreement you will recieve all the plans for foundation, communications and lifting from us.